Squadron 78 CUSTOM Hard top

New hard top option. A welcome transformation.

Introducing a new level of luxury to elevate the whole mood of this wonderfully sociable yacht.

Designed to create an even more enjoyable open air experience, the custom-built 78 is now available with the option of an integrated fixed flybridge hard top. The sculptured framework incorporates an electric retractable canvas roof that smoothly opens and closes, allowing you to direct sunshine or shade exactly where it is required. The further option of a clear vinyl weather enclosure also offers all-round protection.

For more details, please enquire at your local Fairline dealership.


Quick Spec

Hard top with stainless steel supports and electric fabric retractable roof.

  1. Length overall (inc. pulpit): 79ft 11in (24.37m)
  2. Length overall (ex. pulpit): 78ft 2in (23.82m)
  3. Beam (inc. gunwale): 18ft 8in (5.70m)
  4. Number of berths: 6 - 13
  5. Draught: 5ft 3in (1.61m) unloaded
  6. Height above waterline (inc. nav. light mast): 26ft 5in (8.06m)
  7. Height above waterline (ex. nav. light mast): 20ft 5in (6.22m)
  8. Transport height: 18ft 5in (5.61m) (hard top removed)
  9. Dry weight (estimated): 45.52 tons (46,250kg)
  10. Fuel capacity: 1,296 gals/1,557 US gals (5,892L)
  11. Water capacity (inc. calorifier): 251 gals/301 US gals (1,140L)

Note: The hard top variant is not available with flybridge crane or flybridge tender storage.

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