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Fairline dealerships are an extension of our fundamental values. They help to make Fairline the world-class luxury marque you really want to spend time with.

Whether advising first-time buyers, assisting with the buoyant Fairline brokerage market, or helping to steer between a Targa or a Squadron, their intimate local knowledge and experience make the hardest of owner decisions seem effortless.

A vital part of the ownership experience is the commitment and integrity you can count on from your Appointed Fairline Dealer. Each one a professional, thriving business, they are dedicated representatives of Fairline, working closely together within a cohesive global network.

Passionate about the finest of details, Fairline dealerships provide a trusted service that is difficult to match.

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We are actively looking for potential new Fairline dealers in Canada (East coast), Canada (West coast), Washington State, Montenegro, Egypt, Northern Spain, France (West coast), Finland and Ireland.

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If you would like to enquire about becoming a Fairline dealer, please fill in the form below, and one of our representatives will be in contact.

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